29 September 2009

| not.so.fast |

I, hereby declaring that all Muslim around the world can start their 6 days of fasting started on 2 Syawal 1430H or 21th Sept 09. It is highly recommended to do so.

anonymous : oit yuhu, bole kan kalo ak qadha' skali ngn puasa 6?
yuhu: haisy, dunno dude. tanya la yang "ahli"nya
anonymous: bole kot.
yuhu: kot? playsafe la bro. esok aku try tanya Kamal.
anonymous: ok.
end of hiwar....

26 September 2009

| make.no.mistake.for.a.better.tomorrow |

this juz happened.. before i knew it, they're all gone..

with the
"delete" button.

*apsal nk pink? lol