13 October 2009

| it's.not.ours |

it's been long. long. long. before i eventually started to realize that everyone's blog has become more and more,- how do you spells- whoopy. haha. just after i do some blogwalking, i found myself is so into this blog. peek a look la pals. u'll know what it's all 'bout. but thats not what i'm up, writing this entry for.
~there was one small problem, my phone, it losing it's wise. well, should i replace it? it's been more than 2years, though. have you ever experience the same as me? or it happens in a way, different. it's not like everyone had to be in that situation but it's viscious cycle. to watch ur things losing its wise is a norm. it's a matter of time. it's a part of life. more likely, its the part before the end, death. sigh, then, pick another book, which tells 'bout "have you ever lose your laptop" , woha ! it's terribly terrible. at the moment u cant find it, ur body's feels fragilly panick? the thought? unbearable. "who is it?"-
"did i lock the door?"
"who was the last guy here?"
"what sould i tell my parent?".
"i'm doomed".
but, imagine this, in a slightly different ending,
there's a guy u know most,
he's appears from nowhere,
with nothing unusual, from the way he was,
holding a bag,
with a lappy.
firmly... in his hand.
and then his lips exhales;
not hips,
a relief,
by "here's ur laptop."
followed "i was using it just now"
"without permission, legally ................ hehe". with some sort of hinky smile written on his face. d*_*b

when it's come to this point, a set of responds might pop. either it's
"thank god", "u're a lifesaver". or maybe "whatever, it's doesnt matter now".
instead, "u such a f*eak, put me to worst beforehand" haha. rude huh?
hurmm, a good guy like me would have said "alhamdulillah". (^_^) but a good guy keeps it low. just like me. kik. haha. do u really know what it's meant by "kik" instead of "lol". google it la ! never let urself blur in the middle of coversation pals. all in all, that crucial moment of loss could give u a better tomorrow. whenever i heard the phrase of "there's nothing to lose", i put myself to a "yes". to be clear, we really have nothing to lose,
because all this while,
we are just owning,
owning something,
something we thought as ours.

**we own nothing, but borrows everything.

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