27 November 2009

| jamb0ri !!! |

[this is a quick update]

Alhamdulillah.it's done!
Going to a camp is always a likey. For what it's worth, let the pics tell.

by looking at the pics,
we'd know that.

the pictures tell the stories,

but sometimes they're given the stories,

to tell,

and some,

inspiring the stories to be created.

so that,

a picture worth thousands words.

from us. Jambori Remaja Islam's Crews.

click pics for larger view
or download it here. (original version with high resoution)

to download this vid, try keepvid.com

btw, Happy 'eid ul Adha.


zamzam said...

eh eh, ade hafizah ahmad..

Faaizz d. Zul said...

yeah, she always is.
da tgk vid?