01 December 2009

keep the promise!

today is the day, the WORLD AIDS DAY.
the day to raise the understanding on the FACTS, fighting the prejudice-look(s), obliterating the STIGMA 'bout HIV, PWLWH, and AIDS.

Simply, they can be understand literally.

The HIV term stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus while AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. The virus, and the syndrom. Both of them are not same. The virus is the one that progressively affecting the immune system, which leads to its failure, the system. OK, by running the blood test, u would know wether it is positive or negative. About the test, ermm, there are procedures, but for the simple one, just go to any street fair or any NGO which concerning this.

I'm not very clear about this, but there are different types of them. The what-you-need-to-know-things may be concerning the what-happen, and the result. Looks, they're simply run a blood test, taking some sample and run the test again in future. If it is a positive, it means that, they ARE in your body, already lively kicking the antibody, bringing the system down. One more thing, you must be already 18.

Lets say, if they're a red, NEGATIVE, let exhales a big "FFUUUHHHH". But it doesn't mean that it's not there. It MIGHT be there-perhaps not-,assume that they're still not in the lets-attack-the-system!!! stage. Supposingly, when the immune system begin to fail working, it's a green light for other life-threatening disease to access the body.

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Now, now, now. Fyi, it will not happen instantenously. In the meantime, wether the virus is active or not, your immune system will be generating the antibody as it was before. Well, it takes time. Some people even get it delayed for 10 years. It's all thanks to the treatment and God's will.

AIDS is another story. It's the condition which caused by HIV.
As far as i know, HIV can be spread through the exchange of BODY FLUIDS; blood, semen, vaginal, and breast milk. Generally, the EXCHANGE happens when

1. Sexual intercourse.
2. Among drugs addicts who share the needle.
3. A mother to her unborn child(during pregnancy).

Ermm, have you ever heard about the message that telling people to be careful when taking a seat in cinema, inserting our finger to take the change on vending machine, or be careful when walking without shoes on the beach's sand- to avoid any possibilities that the drug-addicts-used-needles are there? So once you're cut, this EXCHANGE happens, and the virus is now running in your vein. *oh no*

Relax, the truth is, the spreading can happens this way, even there are some cases before. But, this is what I get to know in a conversation with a doctor, a i-forget-the-name-doctor, whatever she's a the speacialist in this field. She told me about the BALLOoN theory.

*OK, lets do an experiment. Everyone should have a balloon(a transparent one) and a injection needle both are filled with water with different colors. Now, slowly inject the water through the needle to the balloon, and see what happens. Assume that the water in injection needle is red, and in the balloon is plain.

Is the water in the balloon turn red? Or it still remain the same? Varying results can be seen. Commonly, the water inside the balloon will remain plain. Plus the fluid pressure force the water to spill a little, but in a way possible, some part of the plain turn a little red, in a slightest percentage possible. This is what happened in my experiment. You know what this means right? This is an anology of our body. To be concluded, the EXCHANGE can be happened such a way, but in a low percentage of success.

--Marina's story.
The 1st week, of course, you don't want to believe it. The second you dont know what to do. Third, you dont know whom to tell, and how to say it.

A flurry of thought run through your mind. You feel that tomorrow you'll die. that with this diagnosis you've come to the end of your life. My mother asked me what was going on with me. I couldnt stand it any longer. I burst into tears, my mom said. She embraced me, she didn't condemn me, didn't shout, didn't curse. She embraced me burst into tears with me and said : Together we will overcome it.

For 12 years I have lived with the diagnosis. I married eight years ago. Seven years ago I gave birth to a perfectly healthy child. I am alive, I am happy, I keep things in perspective. I can see myself in old age, I tell my husband that when I'm 60, I want to have a short-white-hair hairstyle, so that I can be a super grandma. It is very important to see yourself in future.

I've already worked for five years for an HIV service organization. and I understand that I would never been able to feel and to give such advice to a person who contracts HIV, if I had not been through this. Because when I speak to this person, I can say: I know what's happening inside you. I know what's going on in your head. I remember what happened to me like it was yesterday. But this is not the end point of your life. You still can live, you can marry. You can give birth, build a career, you can go to learn, you can set goals for your life and achieve them. HIV infection cant become an obstacle in your life's path.

There's already is a good legal framework, there are already medical service, there's psychological assistance, lots of charitable foundations have already been developed. already the state itself has begun protecting people living with HIV. So, many things have changed. It is clear that there are many problems. There is a lot of rhetorics that isn't very helpful. Sometimes, people say "AIDS-carrier" or such things. becouse they dont have information you know.

They're afraid and do not know themselves what they are afraid of. If they would just read some basic info, they could easily know how it is transmitted. They would not fear it. I can see, hear, I have legs, Ihave a beloved husband, I have a child, I have a wonderful job, I have many friends. My work is very interesting- I help people. What more could I ask for in life?

In short, AIDS is not a curable disease yet. Even the Holy Book, alQuran tells about it, just i cant recall which verse it is, my bad.

Moreover, the term "terlanjur" is another issue[this is another topics]. Some activists i knew, stands her thought i.e; obliterating-the-term-TERLANJUR because there was no TERLANJUR case at all. It's ZINA actually. Spell it together,


Is the feeling of fear-God somehow raising by replacing ''terlanjur" with "zina"? The word "ter.." just like typical-Malaysians-punya-perangai-tak-apa right? Whatever,please, no sex before marriage.

Free condom distribution? Hurrmmm. There're always two sides of a coin. The amount, and the symbol. The bad and good. what's really running on your head guys concerning this matter? For me, giving away free condom, it's a no no, the benefit seems to be shadowed by the bad.

Enjoy this too.

The myth.

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