28 December 2009

la[la]la age of the geek[s]

As most football lovers do in weekend's night, I was looking forward to watch Spurs's match the other night, against local rival, Fulham. Well, in a searching for a seat, consciously, I saw a single table of 4 seats is possessed by a dumpy foreign student, I supposed, accessing official wifi connection with all his things on the table, probably his study thingy.

Well, this is one of a kind who you would have to be saying *could u please find somewhere else*. kan? hee. Moreover, the router isn't just in the cafe. There're more. Opps, there's one more-2 of them per college-as far as I know.

Go to the tv room bro, the're power supplies, privacy, and better surfing supposingly.*the mangement would repeat that they've no money to be spent on expanding the coverage. So, be grateful of the hotspot(s).

The point is, if you have the power within you, will you get rid of the like, like him?
*serious* Stands for the rights. Hurm, fyi, i dont really like the feeling when I can't make people nodded before me, if my thought were right, admittedly after some seriously simple consideration of win-win condition for both.

But then, he's there, stills, till his lappy's battery diminished to its end. But, but but does he not aware of the rife? I mean, ermm, it's a norm right, for people to watch football match at weekend's night?

Wait, he's a foreign, means different culture, different thought, different norm(s)?
lol. But, "GOAL" is cheered all over the globe. Maybe he's different. , in a middle of football sensation.

Another story though, actually, I dont get to see Spurs. It's inconvenience, because Chelsea is everywhere. What a misdventure. I'm minor here. a minor. of one club's supporter.

what a joyous return for Modric. He's back.

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