15 January 2010

arsonist e[c]lipse

It was in my schooltime, when I used "Arsonist Eclipse" as my nick, online ( while I dont know what they mean).

But now, throughout the week, this week, they're happened. Both of them, the arsonist somehow heard all over the country, and yet today,

there is an eclipse, which is said to be the longest solar eclipse in duration, as the first of it's four of the year. But is it visible from Gombak?.

Seems it not.
*be fit for eclipse sunaa prayer.

so, how about the arsonist, they're super-not-cool. What in the world did they think, to be putting fire in other's church? Well, it's fireball a.f.a.i.k. A real Blown up.

At this moment, everyone started to pin the blame to other "someone" or maybe a group, racial or religions. Some may say its a respond of that term-of-God issues, or maybe political myth came up or people wanna see how would the front act etc.

Personally, I hope they who-is-responsible and whoever supposed to handle this, please results a wise decision for the sake of the divinity of the term and the people's level of understanding themselves. A lot of articles wrtten by now.

Some people already replace "OMG" to "Ya Allah", but then if the term itself is argued to be meant as God, as other's God,
test test "there is no Allah except Allah". erk, sounds hinky kan. At the end of the day, the Bahasa also lose its divinity. Just like the Arabic practice today.

It's no more in the state in which The Book is sent down where it is the craze of speaking by delivering nice quotes or poem in high level of word-decoration.
*Jawi is done for. now...

But then, the other side give a yes, for some good reason. Plus the verse of azZukhruf. Supported by the man of the field.

We have the mufti said no, the court yes and it varies from one another so that the people's knowledge developed the tidbit for better understanding.

Well well well, since silence is golden in certain situation. So, that is that, a little review of schooltime online nickname after all. hee

**this week also ~ 40k citizen of India missing in our land, they came in legally, enjoyed the visa on arrival, but now, they're undercover. erk, the mamak, could they be them?

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