31 March 2010

late or what?

im waiting waiting waiting.

30 March 2010

fell, fellas.


a question.
if you're about to fall off your balance and going to collapse to the ground,
can you think of to choose which side of your body,
to collapse with, and be injured?

oh. oo. oo.
bool yes=1;
cout<< " stop berangan laa. there's no way to do it in that super-short-time-interval.
Unfortunately, some of the things that we do are in direct opposition with what we want to do.
but, it's written that we can create new behaviors through repetition of it, plus its thoughts,
and a new habit takes no less than 24 hours to form. accordingly on people too.
some different theorist(s) said it takes 3 days.

so I was thinking,
to be better at landing once you fall, is to fall more in a day,
with a particular style that avoid injury.
oh no, silly. that'll never happen.

so, back in the court, i wish my conscience let me fell, on my left.
but its my right. my writing hand. ceh.
and a major part of my bottom back.
so when i sit sengetly in exam hall. no gags please.

ps: take care of your health throughout exam period. "

coding bool tu beb. ahaha.

25 March 2010

so, good luck !

suatu pagi yang tenang, means, eh-connected-to-internet-laa. this never happens b4.

Situation :
black guy : oh, hi buddy, where are you going?
me : exam ! wish me luck bro.
that black guy again : oh, sure thing, good luck for your exam.
end of story...
oyeh, he's a somali. and he's black.. 

then, some may have this thought. 
i said some okay, "some" and also "may", plus, with the finger thing.

Hey, we shouldn't say good luck. it's not the most, the most appropriate of all.
"all the best" sounds good. and make sense better than GL.eceh, GL la pulak.
plus, when u say 'bout "luck", it is fated, isn't it ?

Oo, ok. but, is it "luck"the one we called nasib i'm referring to?
no la. ada pulak nasib. nasib is different thing.
it just the way the people of its language used to wish others of his/her endeavor.
not literally good means baik, and luck means nasib. 
if it so, it'll be weirdly "nasib baik ea exam!" .haha. weirdo.
that's it. so, what's not to. 
but if all the best translated literally sounds good what! hee, terbaek. again with the finger thing.

k, here's a good deal of being so good as to do a good turn of a good cheer by wishing all of my friends a good luck, especially in your exams. 
as i'm not to be up to no good today.


ok, 7 cukupla, if 40x aku copy paste ni, xke doa?      

so, i'm getting off to a good start. 
till then~
eh, too many "good" in this post la. watever.

21 March 2010

Kite Days.


fly high. by just kids.


against the firm breeze.

while a friend, can't guide it up high.
malu seyh dgn budak tu. lol~

16 March 2010

damb !

as I stroll down the junction, a lap before the border,
and then, here's a door is opened selambaly. damb. yeah.

The motorcycle I was ride on is tiptop, though, nothing happened to the car, just the door.
Now the door has functioned uniquely, not in the ways it being opened and closed,
but not to be opened that wide, and not too close when being shut. hee.

Thank God nothing happened to anybody.

"I did bam on you,
but you can't expect me to avoid your door."
ok. wysiwyg~
I'm not paying. fullstop.
no offense, but, I heard the theory of bad-driving-linked-to-hormone,
oh ye, she was a girl. a sense yea? She parked at the junction, opened the door so it obstacle-ing.

07 March 2010

what gives?

Main Auditorium, 20100304


Of all panelists, they did say a no-no to nikah koboi (somewhere in pinggir ibu kota) by looking in the ways of  what've been practicing in here, the law, and the khilaf between the schools of thought.

please kindly continue reading to the end of the post for the download link.