16 March 2010

damb !

as I stroll down the junction, a lap before the border,
and then, here's a door is opened selambaly. damb. yeah.

The motorcycle I was ride on is tiptop, though, nothing happened to the car, just the door.
Now the door has functioned uniquely, not in the ways it being opened and closed,
but not to be opened that wide, and not too close when being shut. hee.

Thank God nothing happened to anybody.

"I did bam on you,
but you can't expect me to avoid your door."
ok. wysiwyg~
I'm not paying. fullstop.
no offense, but, I heard the theory of bad-driving-linked-to-hormone,
oh ye, she was a girl. a sense yea? She parked at the junction, opened the door so it obstacle-ing.
that is that. pff.

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