27 May 2010

Baktang soalan.

(*bawak datang)

Salam, good day thursday.
Topic is - Ask questions, give answers and learn more about your friends.

To begin with, formspring.me is a place to ask question on people you want to, inquiring them to give a single answer, just like examination. Instead of chatting, it's more like 2 way of conversation, and what's more is you can ask superbly cepumas question with complete anonymity.

 “It’s also kind of fun looking on friends’ pages to see what questions they’ve answered,” says Engineering student, Firdaus. XD never meant this.

But of course, for the sake of world's peace, mind your thought. Some people keep getting spammed with unwanted question.  Lead them to mental disturbance, could they? Anyway, sign up for an account, search for people to follow, and ask them any question you want.

As for me,--here.
nak tahu apa? baktang soalan.

   curious as we wanna be.

25 May 2010

Yussth Ten. ea, Youth '10 Fest.

Woot wooty wootier.

Youth 10.
You guys heard 'bout this? No? Well, the promotion was superbly sightly I think , it's everywhere every now and then, -talk show, tv, and even the 1st national paper Harian Metro (eheh the 1st) - and yet.

Well then, get yourself up to date. Simply click http://www.theyouthfestival.com/.
It's all there.

quick question -
   if you have the internet access, what did you do 'bout something you're not certain of?

go google it laa, aisy.

Izwan, sila klik sini. Like I said, pass aku lain. pass yg berbentuk tshirt. XD

    eager as we wanna be.

atas angin.

hei, kau tahu,
satu hari itu,

ku ditipu.


hei yang menipu,
kau buat tak tahu kan?
duit atas angin itu;
ah, ikutlah apa fikirmu.

cerita dongeng kerajaan atas angin.

24 May 2010

The vice of the month.

Saalam, n hello2 fellow football lover.
WC '10 is just 18 days away.  So, how's life? Do you work heart, play hard, oh no laa. Please laa, our gov is alreday simplifying life, harping people every now and then with the New Economic Model. Here an alternative, they licensed Football betting, now it's official, it's legalized. ahha !
*sounds so encouraging  XD.

Olrite kawan2 Muslim, legalise betting was never and forever changing that betting is illegal and forever it will. I think everyone good at that. But people varies from one another. How 'bout this? Sesat nak tanya jalan pergi masjid. ehem2.

This particular issue caught every attention for the last few weeks, people gathered and protested, urged for clarification, while some part of community being hypocrisy, stay silence, pura2 tak berpihak. Silence is the sign of agreeing, is it?

Here goes Datuk Awang Adek explain the rational
" jika kerajaan tidak mengeluarkan lesen kepada pihak yang memohon, aktiviti perjudian dan pertaruhan haram tetap berlaku tanpa kawalan dan pemantauan pihak berkuasa. “Oleh itu sebagai sebuah kerajaan yang prihatin terhadap rakyatnya, kerajaan akan memberi pertimbangan sewajarnya dan sebarang langkah perlu dilakukan secara berkesan bagi menangani masalah bookie tanpa lesen termasuk membenarkan pertaruhan bookie bola sepak dilaksanakan melalui perlesenan sah,”

See. What a caring, lovely explanation.Betting and gambling will keep on happening even if gov don't issue license yeah. How will the drug hub, prostitution, rumah urut ibu kota or Along2 bukit beruntung, and all sort of illegal-but-keep-happening activities around. Haisy.

29. Akhir sekali, adakah MEB melibatkan keterangkuman? Kita perlu mengambil kira penggembelingan potensi keseluruhan rakyat Malaysia, dan sama-sama menikmati hasil kemakmuran negara yang semakin berkembang. (Source: Teks ucapan penuh MEB)

 Oh ye, keterangkuman?
Berjaya Corp: To launch user-friendly sports betting system in 3Q10. Berjaya Corp Bhd which will launch the country's first sports betting in 3Q10, will use a system with features that are familiar to the Asian players.They will be distributed in strategic locations in major cities or towns with large urban conurbation and  will commence with about one-third Toto outlets - 220 outlets. Ascot Sport Sdn Bhd senior general manager Ooi Lee Meng said Ascot will introduce the sport betting at the beginning of the next European Leagues season, around the end of August or beginning of September 2010. (Source: Business Times)

User-friendly system will be launch as to ease rakyat of every kind. That's really suit keterangkuman.  Legalise it was like trashing the economy model right away, as you realised, the NEM announced some time around March, before the April Fool, and yet the license issued just a few weeks back. Could the so-high-moral mastermind not even think of all the ketelusan-talk in the NEM? ehem2 'nuff said.

Well, I've never had a gambling-addict friend or neighbour, but once a neighbour said
"If you want to destroy a friend, teach him how to gamble"
 it's Chinese proverb maybe, or or he just saying it, whatever la, but it sounds so cool. surely it does. XD
willy-nilly, now it's legalised.

*Go go Argentina !
Berjaya Sports Toto, Berjaya Times Square, Berjaya Hotel, Berjaya Univ College, berjaya burjaya, so much of berjaya.

bottomline :  greed as we wanna be.

22 May 2010


This post is intentionally left blank.