25 May 2010

atas angin.

hei, kau tahu,
satu hari itu,

ku ditipu.


hei yang menipu,
kau buat tak tahu kan?
duit atas angin itu;
ah, ikutlah apa fikirmu.

cerita dongeng kerajaan atas angin.


Like I said, duit atas angin.  This is how the tale begins. 

Q went to remake his loss license, to a place it should be. The *#^ department. But, once he arrived at the very entrance of it, he felt a presence of a smile from men at the post. There are 2 of them, one in fine uniform while the other one in casual aparrel, vintage style, a quadragenian or so.

Ye dik, apa bisnes?
IC ada?
Dah photostat?
G photostat. Kedai belakang ni ada.
Ok, bakmeh, IC, gambar passport, duit MYR **.**
Iye, MYR **.** confirm.
Ok tunggu sini.

So as Q let he go, a couple of lines went through his head.
*wow, that was quick.
*is it always like this?
*oh, he really go for me.   *full-of-hope-wink*


why there's no queuing? counter, or someone seems legal here eh?
*wait still at the post.

this is like short-con story. oh crap.
*baru sedar kena tipu. eheh.

The guy came, passed the card with phrase "takde resit la dik"
kepala die takde resit.
History made by itself. AARGGH.

Q stands for qualm, and qluelessly conned. oh ye qute too.

     dumb as we wanna be.

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