27 May 2010

Baktang soalan.

(*bawak datang)

Salam, good day thursday.
Topic is - Ask questions, give answers and learn more about your friends.

To begin with, formspring.me is a place to ask question on people you want to, inquiring them to give a single answer, just like examination. Instead of chatting, it's more like 2 way of conversation, and what's more is you can ask superbly cepumas question with complete anonymity.

 “It’s also kind of fun looking on friends’ pages to see what questions they’ve answered,” says Engineering student, Firdaus. XD never meant this.

But of course, for the sake of world's peace, mind your thought. Some people keep getting spammed with unwanted question.  Lead them to mental disturbance, could they? Anyway, sign up for an account, search for people to follow, and ask them any question you want.

As for me,--here.
nak tahu apa? baktang soalan.

   curious as we wanna be.


yusazie said...

ooiitt haha baktang soklan yerrr he2
aku ingat aper la tadi baktang tuh.. he2 formspringggg ...

botak said...

haha daus x tahu baktang tu ape..
itu bahasa johor ke ape??
aku selalu je pakai..
tp x penah kaji pulak asal usul perkataan tu..heh

Faaizz d. Zul said...

fs ko apa?
i think so too.
susah nk dgr org luar ckp baktang.