25 May 2010

Yussth Ten. ea, Youth '10 Fest.

Woot wooty wootier.

Youth 10.
You guys heard 'bout this? No? Well, the promotion was superbly sightly I think , it's everywhere every now and then, -talk show, tv, and even the 1st national paper Harian Metro (eheh the 1st) - and yet.

Well then, get yourself up to date. Simply click http://www.theyouthfestival.com/.
It's all there.

quick question -
   if you have the internet access, what did you do 'bout something you're not certain of?

go google it laa, aisy.

Izwan, sila klik sini. Like I said, pass aku lain. pass yg berbentuk tshirt. XD

    eager as we wanna be.


yusazie said...

oit... oo mentang2 da jadi orang penting dalam ys.. lupe kawan ea... nnti blanje kitorang nasi kerabu ayam panggang!!! he2

botak said...

ade x program pengisian rohani dlm youth10 ni??

freakerz said...

siap ada name aku plak tu..ceh..yela2..aku tak g r.. ada job lain nak setel ..

Faaizz d. Zul said...

>daus. wat org penting? org suruhan(willingly) ada la. haha.

>botak. ada2, from 1pm to 2.15pm pengisian rohani d masjid2 berhampiran. myB ada bkk kaunter "Khutbah tadi cerita pasal apa?" lol. XD

ok k, hepi job-ing.