18 June 2010


thank God, it's Friday.

I just had a gruelling time for the past two weeks. In brief, i'm a storekeeper, stock checker, painter, cleaner, cashier, photostate-er, binding-er, laminating-er, driver, salesman, carpenter, transporter, plumber and more to come, hopefully not. I wanna quit, truhfully. Because the jobscope being assigned to me is storekeeper, and only storekeeper it was. 

I can see it now, a person do developes, he evolves, from a basic thinking to complex one. Including being creative on how to boss others. with his affable, slightly bumbling persona ,hides an ability to tell what to, when it doesn't have to. please, YOU'RE-FIRED-me. haha.

fuhh, feel sedikit delightful after muttering time. lol XD. 
endline : tq for such opportunity Mister. you had made me full-blown. i guessed.

silap haribulan nanti, kena hantar stok kertas dengan alat tulis dekat sekolah lama. aisy.

not a blank post. ok. read me right.

bottomline :
    hiddennessous makes good time.

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