10 June 2010

Twillious Twillight.

(this is videous post.)
Salam & selamat.

aha,  i've been reading Eclipse. woot3. masih ada 200 pages ++ to go. relax, the movie showing at end of the month.

thing is, here's what i wanna share with you guys. I was looking for the eclipse trailer, but then, these 2 vids hillariously funnoying appeared on top of the search. sneek a peek.


Cullen, you're a beaut.
wahaha lmao.......

new moon.

cullen : this'll be the last time you get to see me.
foreheadkiss, hiding not-to-behind the tree.

belly : ok, i can still see you.

cullen : how 'bout now?
hiding slightly-behind the tree

belly : yeah, i can still see you.

cullen : what 'bout now?
hide behind the tree, while sneek-peeking belly

belly : ok, if you can see me, i can see you. it's.. (sigh)

cullen : what 'bout now?
hiding completely

belly : ok you're good.
 instead of bella, belly suits more. lol. nama bella tu, sounds so beauteous.


L.M.A.O.C.M.S.W.D.F.S.T.A !!!
laugh my arse off clutching my stomach while dying from suffocating the air.

they're complete dumb&dumber. really they are.

*aduh, saket perot aku, l.m.a.o.ccident 

bottomline :
    novelholics as we wanna be.

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