04 June 2010

yuk, shisha-ing !!!

Salam, what up!!!

now it's out.


SMOKING Shisha (flavoured tobacco) may cause cancer because of the coal or wood used to burn the tobacco and because its users inhale more tobacco smoke than a cigarette user, Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said.

In a written reply to Loh Seng Kok (BN – Kelana Jaya) Dr Chua said Shisha emitted its own toxins, including a high level of carbon monoxide, metal and chemical, which could cause cancer.

Smoking Shisha, he said, was a health hazard similar to smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products.

“The sharing of pipes can also lead to the risk of contracting infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and hepatitis,” he said.

Dr Chua said there was currently no study on the use of hookah in Malaysia although it was gaining popularity especially among urban youths.

The hookah is an equipment that originated from India but was widely used in Arabic countries. It has a big base container normally made of glass with several pipe funnels. The funnels are used to inhale the tobacco smoke which first goes through the water at the base.

The tobacco is sometimes burnt with other materials such as fruits or herbs to add flavour.

“The World Health Organisation has stressed that hookah is not safe. Smoking it brings the same health risk as smoking cigarettes.

“Contrary to previous belief, the tobacco smoke that comes out of the hookah container actually contains toxins known to cause lung disease, heart ailments and other dangerous diseases,” he added.

He said studies had shown that a hookah user inhales tobacco smoke for a longer period compared to someone smoking one stick of cigarette.

------- tett, tett.

for the reason of
1.  it is so tobacco-ness.
2.  it emits toxics
3.  infectious disease as the users have to share a single pipe

nuff' said.  not good. fullstop.

lol XD~
aku dah agak dah, from the kali pertama I saw the Arabs smoke dapur shisha ni
(dapur ke nama dia?)
rasa macam xkena. jadah hape diorang ni hisap, even macam canthek lampu aladin-looking device tu. ok, hookah ea nama dia.  try pronounce sikit,


there was a day, nearly a month from now, I was this close (dengan isyarat tangan masa cakap this) to smoke it for the first time. but then, all the meal have finished before that inriguing-hookah thing came. so, cancel la, Azfar dah nak balik, Haziq dah fedup. wahaha. lem punye Benafee.

20's on it's way, yet i never smoke shisha, never solve a sudoku, either solve a rubix cube, never did an air flair nicely. never a positive score of snooker, never pass 150pts of bowl. ahhhh, i need a mark for my 20's. chill. ini cerita lama. tapi sejak member2 aku rajin ajak lepak. so saja la post.

bottomline is
   deadly as we wanna be.


nas said...

ermmm....xyah mensyisya...ermmm beter comment kamo dlm btk pop up,okeyh..snang org nk koment...xde la lmbt2...eheheh

Faaizz d. Zul said...

olrite nas

yusazie said...

ai.. syisya deh yuhu leni he2