07 October 2010

Believing as ourselves.

Some are born Muslim, while some are not. Instead some are in between those cases, which can be called transitions. In other word, it is also a process of changing from a state to another or a period of such change. In addition, there are about 2 billion in the world’s population choose Islam as their faith instead of other religions. Furthermore, the number grew more and more, but becoming a Muslim has never be at ease. Particularly in a country which Muslim are the minority. Thus, Lynn Jones, the writer of Believing as Ourselves has done very great job of sharing the experience of transiting to become an American Muslim.
This is very important books which inspire people who have the blurry message of what becoming a Muslim like, and thus have people educated themselves on what Islam is. The book is beautifully written, compelling and honest depiction of life as a female American convert to Islam. Furthermore, the personal experiences of her shows great sincerity and introspection as she struggles to attain authentic self-surrender to God.

In the early part of the book, the author tells on her early experience with Islam. As she mentioned that, the mosque is the place ever to have the first contact with Muslim community. But, the idealized perception of Muslim themselves on people who just perked their interest in embracing Islam can be so hard going. It says how Hanna, a friend of her being ignored for hours as she were a minor annoyance while sitting in the same room with other Muslims. That was not how it should be done. A warm welcome for a new convert could have been more pleasant.

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