02 October 2010

masih raya kan?

too little too late.
Salam semua, salam sejahtera. Salam Happy Raya.
it's been so loong since my last entry, and fyi, my first-half of the sem had me offline for a while, though. anyway, I'm still alive fellow ! So, what is up? 
Still RAYA right? even it's 23rd of Syawal already, I can see people still inviting each other for jamuan raya.
(my lists - this evening : napi's open house, tonight : umno's wangsa maju)
We Malaysians celebrate Raya for the whole month, aren't we? Happy, happy, makan, but, how about getting your body weighed up? before raya and after raya. see yourself develop! my resolution? nah, don't lie to yourself la. just eat, work on your health later on. it's raya anyway.
 (yes, develop is the best term to describe)
All and all, Raya gave me reason, personally, to visit my neighbourhood, which is, before just a neighbourhood of "glance-and-go", even without smile at all. if i don't stretch my cheek 1st. Oh my, this is my 1st raya after i moved from my felda 
(act it's kampung run by felda, so felda get the name)
Felda people's friendlier. Oh ye, they're not as busy as madaniy, aren't they?
Speaking of Ramadhan, I had my video project aborted due to unfortunate corrupted disk storage. and it was stressful enough. I interviewed some student, for a spontaneous video response on 
"If this is your last Ramadhan, what do you wish to happen?"
for that thought to be answered spontaneously have given me various answers, and of course that answers motivate me throughout the special month. What unfortunate is that, I can't finish it and share it to the world, I wish  I had done so.you should try this yourself, grab a video camera, and go for random people. Or you can just create a form, the very good tip is "try to make it looks official", so that people wont be banyak bunyi and just go flawless with the survey. 

anyway, throughout the respondent, a Bangladesh student name Kassim ask me about the meaning of 
"Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin"
that "maaf zahir dan batin" really intrigued him, so he ask. and my pop answer is of course the translation of it. lol. to put it simply, I did say about asking forgivness from a person for what action we've seen wrong, and what we've not seen wrong. am i close to exact answer? I'm not sure myself. Because last time I learned arabic is 2 years back. despite of that, my logic says Zahir is external, something you can see and Batin is back side of it. so, external is like any wrong doing we did to a person in which he knew it himself, and vice versa. anyway, I found another trend of people with alteration to the phrase. says 
"Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir je, batin tak" 

and sometimes they add "mana duit raya" at the end. 


my jaw dropped in awe. What on earth is that? maaf zahir je, batin tak pyh. isn't it lively? haha. but, giving lil' thought of it, i found it's annoyingly annoying. Sorry to say. I'm thinking as me myself saying that in front of the mirror, the fact that it's endearingly cute can be consider, but what about the sin which we dont ask forgiveness for? are they in a way lesser than the sin we did zahirly? whatever fella. I hope they're joking, no one saving their own sin, do they? 
in fact, nobody likes to think about sin, unless it's someone else's(aha, backbiting right?). Even when we do think about our own sins, we hasten pass it with a fleeting cringe. lighten the mood up, cheers. Happy Raya, Happy Fasting also. (last 6 days starts tomorrow, FIGHTING ! - Korean people said this word very very frequently, why ea? it's not even their language, isn't it?)

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