27 October 2010

upon memorable and reflective completion.


mula-mula sekali, i'm wishing 

rembat pic wan. ^_^
sudah tiba di penghujung semester. mood *happy-worry*
Just now I had completed  my last class of Islamic Knowledge & Civilization. fyi, IKC--> university required course. Just over this very last lecture of our Ustaz, he concluded many things I thought were crucial. few months ago, he keeps insisting that this course should be practical, not just like any other course we go-to-class-and-sit-for-the-exam. There were three things he keeps repeating throughout the class.

1. meet me at the fajr prayer at the mosque. (because later in the class, he keeps asking for whoever did come)
2. get married before the end of the semester.
3. what was the third? i dont remember, sorry.

the first thing was hard I must say, it's about istiqamah, it's about maintaining what you've been doing consistently. moreover, our Prophet had his hair gray-en when he reviewed a verse regarding it in Chapter Hud. (tak ingat ayat, they just went from his mouth). means, it really is something significant to our Prophet himself. however, some of us did, well not most of the day, but we found that he somehow motivating, give reason to be there. plus, there was Ramadhan in the middle of semester. it's a good start. In addition, at the time of early Islam starts to flourish the sahabah received many questions like- have you give sadaqah? have you pray? have you feed faqir? have you pay zakah? have you, have you, have you. whatsoever. until at the end of the day, they can give a YES to all of them. while we learn, bit by bit.

secondly, marriage. ... ... ... aaahh, we really didn't talk much about marriage, didn't we? just hearing the word can make everybody silence for a while, like an angel was passing by. awkward.  it's not like we don't want to get married, we just discuss it very confidential, not in the class which consist boys and girls sit and listen together. right? no lies, it's just awkward. however, that hadith he keeps repeating,we're holding on to that.surely, we will - "When a man marries he has fulfilled half of the Deen (religion); so let him fear Allah regarding the remaining half."

As for the third one, i don't remember what it was,or there's nothing after the second? whatever, but today, there were many things he concluded from his observation, the coursework, the presentation and the book review. The saying goes like- your knowledge about Islam doesn't match your age. they are way lagging - your Arabic knowledge is very poor- your knowledge about your Prophet is also @#%#^

aiyark. Jaw dropped, facepalmeed. Those were kind of true. <_>

not much people is a reader. thus this type of person find it real hard to finish a book. even when reading newspaper, they just go for the title of the article. so the most common and understandable reaction, is indeed to find a really simple written book ever to be reviewed. but, unfortunately, some book is just way too simple and seems unjust according to how old we are. so, based on our sense of selection of book, he concluded things that way. Islamic knowledge doesn't match your age. thermofluid engineering pening kepala kot study.aisy

furthermore, language. it's a conduit of thought-to translate them internally into a form that allows reflection, and reasoning. when he said "", yes, that was true. Arabic is a should-learn-language. he added "how would you understand a message delivered from your Creator without understanding the language?". Imagine if someone you like ,wrote a letter to you in foreign language, would you struggle to learn to understand them, not? *facepalm*

plus, there was a time, when he asked for hadith, when nobody answered. straight to the face, how much do you know about your Prophet? final blow. *pwned*
as I stepped out from the class, that were so much things we should be reflect, to be taking care of.  there were lots of discoveries within ourselves. thanks to his conscience. hard, but

On no one soul does Allah place a burden greater than it can bear (2:286)
Today, I close another UNGS chapter. Before I begin the next chapter, I want to pause and reflect on my experience. ada hadiah untuk kawan2, sila klik.

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