28 November 2010

Happy December first.

first of all, it is not yet December first. did you know what December first is all about?


i presented this topic in my Bahasa course last semester. it's a free-topic presentation, and i was like what, what, what to say, and picked up topic i'm good at. not that good, but experiences-in-field let me comprehends things. reminiscing it back, i started off with a couple questions. simple simple questions like :

1. what's with sharing a drink with hiv +ve?
2. mosquito as spreading agent?
3. i went to beach, and i stepped on used needle of hiv +ve drug addict, what'll happen?

and so on. wait up, i think i started on, asking about how if you have the roommate who doesn't know that you know he's a positive. eh, confusing pula ayat. let say you accidentally found a confidential letter of his/her status, without he/she knowing it. and my friend said "he'll moved to other room". see. and it seems, almost everyone in the room agree with him. that's how i figured out the level of knowledge on the topic.

so, without further due, we discussed on questions to know the basis. i feel glad to let people know. fyi, i already blogged about this. please refer here.

upon this date also, i manage to promote about the Red Carnival, organized by PT Foundation. come to Sg. Wang. last day is today, 28th Nov. visit the booth and grab all you need to know about HIV/AIDS  
(they're two different term for two different things they referred to).


oh ye, nyamuk bukan penyebar okay. Click here to know more.

*i'd miss volunteering for reason i can't avoid. good luck PT Foundation. next time i'll join you guys.

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