12 November 2010

i'm off.

salam zulhijah the 5th.

quick question. how are you supposed to react if you're caught in flood?  ==

pic from hersley.

i'd miss the last one happened in my hometown. because i flew to Klang after my SPM, worked part time, in ps2 shop. a game shop. and now, flood news are the shot. heard it as monsoon season hit Kedah.

conveniently, i received a message:

The Centre for University Social Responsibility (CENSERVE) is looking for volunteers to help flood victims in Kedah from 12 – 14 and 13- 15 November 2010. There will be two trips from IIUM.The volunteers will help distribute donation, provide them with moral support and clean up the schools and mosques that are affected by the flood.

and so i'm off. anyway Happy Eid' Adha. donate to the Flood Relief this Eid 
“It is neither their flesh nor their blood that reaches Allah; it is your piety that reaches Him.” (22:37). 
(tadi punya khutbah)

Please pray for our safety for the journey.May ALLAH show HIS bless upon us.

next entry - ice skating video of our own ^^.

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