03 November 2010

no one can stop him.

"No one can stop him, Wallahi" that was saying I heard last night from a friend (an Arab) to describe Gareth Bale everytime he passed Maicon as if he wasn't there. It sounds absurd, yet I can tell that the best right-back for the last season of UCL, Maicon was pawned. totally.

The way the boy can run and run and run against a right-back who is rated by everybody as the best right-back in the world. What he has done to [Maicon] over the last two games is just unbelievable. -Reknapp.

 I was smiling the whole match. Suka gila time ni. Dah la yang lain semua InterMilan punya fans. U all know the feeling right?    
Great game ah.

lagi highlight.


Mohamad Izwan said...

peh.. melonjak sakan r ko..
weh, asal iklan promo nuffnang ko ni ada je memanjang ek?

nas said...

pergh..lame xsinggah kat sini..3 bulan lebih kot...hehehhehehehee.....

Faaizz d. Zul said...

welkam2, tula, sem ni agak busy. jarang blogwalk.

@mohamad izwan
biasa bro. bkn ramai Spursman kat Malaysia ni.

video link dah ok. XD