26 November 2010



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guess what? that is my keyboard-drawing for the interface of panorama assist mode in my compact camera. yes, very close drawn and imaginable drawing. in this mode, i had to capture a series of picture before stitching it together. take a look.

pic linksource.

this picture is a combination of a series of pictures. Certain software combines the images together into a single wide photo. if more pictures are used, the final stitched picture will be super wide, and give a scenic view. some device may as well auto-combine it once the pictures are captured. but, mine is not. so i've to use Photoshop to get this done. below are the snapshots.

 first. run PS.
open up FILE, AUTOMATE then click PHOTOMERGE

then, it'll pop out

click browse, and choose your pictures.

Open, and then OK. but before that you can choose the layout. look at the previous snapshot, it's either 6 of them, but normally AUTO is preferred.

processing, and if you manage to peek on your memory(RAM) level, you can see that aligning layers, auto-blend are quite memory hungry. unless you're using a high-end pc.

booyahh. they're stitched together. but it need alteration. so, crop it, straighten it. you can actually get more uniform-in-dimension by using tripod.
o man, there's still left some blank at end corner. so, patch it, no? this is photoshop cs5, it added one great feature that is content-aware. it works very easily. it filled up the area selected to its surrounding composition.

i select those area using marque tool, and then i fill it. after doing some alteration, this is what i got.

ooo, now i realized, that is way so simple, hawkam i've been asked for this. plus, it was much easier in Photomerge by kiwi.software.NET . simple, isn't?

i've been playing with the content-aware feature. this is some.

seronok dapat hilangkan unwanted object. LOL.

*good luck trying.


nas said...

yeah..so nice la pics nie...mmg kombinasi beberapa gambar...so nice :)

Faaizz d. Zul said...

yes2. kdg2, we nvr know fungtion tiap2 mode dlm device yg digunakan.