23 November 2010

[Pic] Kedah, relief.

i phailed to upload our own 100mb ice-skating video to youtube due to slow connection. aisemen, let's wait for it. below are my last groupwalk pictures. takde motif pon nak upload, just nak try scrollbox punya html coding. cam style kan?

mister presiden


santai di tasik
santai di tasik
my fine backpose. eceh.

Pictures in a Scroll Box

last picture tu no komen ah. sume orang nak backpose in those vasts. jakun ^^

Sub-entry : [faking the news]
Malaysians, please be well aware of mainstream@whatever media that you all have been watching. News can always be manipulated, only witnessing people knew. manipulated, u guys faham kan?

*2nd time join flood relief. seronok.


zamzam said...

wow, sukerelewan.. hehe
MASKUM? style gak, cm MASUM.. hik3

Izwan said...

nice pics.. hehehe..
gle best seh.. ba'kal je duit aku tak mencukupi untuk aku survive.. hohoho

Faaizz d. Zul said...

pergh, bila budak masum kata maskum style. *blushing*

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