06 December 2010


salam. korunk tahu pictcha apa ni?
(perghlamak, super mengada2 pakai term "korunk", capoeira kang baru tau)

oyeah, those are my outcome of chocolate-making course last 4th Dec. to begin with, my holiday has come to the endless boredom these few days, it started after my trip to MAHA and if i exclude my common morning and bored schedule ie; following my pa to kebun, plus raining hard in the evening. how is not the boredom level increased by a few notches mark?

anyway, this choc course was my 3rd involvement of all the short courses offered by community college. i've done the roti canai making(2007), roti & pastri(2009), and last Saturday, coklat. motive-i'm quite an eater. the tendency to google whatever recipe i intended to try myself is really encouraged when i having the whole kitchen to myself. iow, parents out of town. the recipe? google it. be it icecream, kebab etc, they're on the net. practical diy guidance.

talking about the fees, fyi, it's way cheaper compared to the same courses offered by some ngo(s), college, individual etc. the most expensive is no more than rm25. believe me. it is charged accordingly to the exact course. for example, my last roti canai making course took 5 hours, and not so much on the cost of the material usage. i ending up pay rm 5 and went back home with full stomach and a pack of extra outcome. for choc-making, i'd to pay them rm 20, and i get to tapau up to 70 pieces of various shape of choc. lol.

the vintage effect on the picture is intentionally done to cover the defects of my-high-speed-chocolate-making-technic-so-that-i-can-tapau-more. actually it is not so good-looking kalau tengok live. but who cares, sendiri mahu makan. lol. makin cepat buat, makin banyak la dapat. true hypothesis is proved.^^

i think the highest pay is the language course. because it is normally run for more than 40 hours, or less. moreover, the instructor(s) get their pay from the gomen. so that'll reduce cost. eh, i can't recall since when has my view on the gomen came out good when it comes to these matters. oil's, sugar's etc's price rose again. what a sick gomen.

on fesbuk, it is so so bored to see someone updating his/her status with "i'm bored to death" quotation. oh, come on. get a life. holiday la. spend it with the unusual things you don't get to do while you're not spending it. 

my point is, if you really have nothing to do, go for nearest community college at your place. they have like 50 or more campuses around malaysia, be it the main or satellite campus. i'm no promoting, but this kind of opportunity got me thinking, if you're one of gomen haters (that'll make we're on the same boat in most thing) why don't you take advantage on what they offering, what they have been spending money on? get my logic. happy holidays. and Happy Awal Muharram.

*tak tipu ah. coklat itu memang aku belajau buat. compound choc, not couveture choc.


nas said...

perhhhh..sedap2...ko belajaw buat??? looks delicious...ehhehe

apa motif status SPONGEBOB dan PATRICK dalam facebook??

Izwan said...

aku nk ko bawak nnti.. leh?.. hehe

Faaizz d. Zul said...

yes. aku belajau d kolej komuniti bedekatan. baru pas blk melaka, tu yg belajar jadi "belajau" tuh

kau org kedua request. mmg aku nk bwk pon. ^^