24 January 2011

of Coffee!


pic source: tagirov

I love coffee. Well, who doesn't?

I used to keep myself awake late at night by the help of coffee.
I used to finish my appetitive dinner with a cup of coffee.
I used to wake up my roommate early in the morning by its' aromatic-bold scent.
I used to... caffeinated.

Because it fills a longing in my throat.
Coffee is simply a gift.  
What else needs to be said? 

but things are different.

Something is wrong.

Why would I feel great sleepiness after a cup of coffee? This is something I thought for quite a period. Oh yeah, after 2 years of foundation, a caffeinated period of a coffee-addict, I remember a three month holiday I spent without a cup of coffee.

Seriously, not a cup of it. Not even a sip.

But at times, whenever I drink it, I'm sleepy straightaway. As if I'm taking sleeping medication. And if I were fighting it, it feels like blank-unoccupied body. A condition where my mind can't think of what I was, or will be doing. Surely, not a good thing.

So I went to a doctor, and this is what she told:

Hi there. You may be just sensitive to caffeine in a different fashion. Individual variations occur in our reactions to different circumstances, foods and allergens. Similarly it is how your body responds to it. You can avoid and try taking some fruit juices or decaffeinated tea or coffee or hot cocoa instead. It is about hit and trial which ever works best for you. Take care.

so, hit and trial ha!? 

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