13 March 2011

Personality Plus

Salam alayk'.

at first, I didn't think posting something came from a group work is a good idea. really. I eventually had to buy this book and to make a review out of it just because I'm in the class and the lecturer told me so. except the fact that i love to read. well, after dividing the review into part, I must say it's no good-because what i found is just a copy-paste work-without letting the creative analysis juicing out of mind based on the reading. tssk, why is so!? a review is supposed to be like that. read the book, squeeze out the creative juice of your brain, then begin to write. well, at least read it till the end. that is how my imaginary of defining a review for the least.


Personality Plus book review:

I've never been married or having a serious relationship in which involving a couple of misunderstanding of thoughts, temperaments and tastes. when our lecturer first introduced the book in the class, I was excited just because of the title; Personality Plus, a bestseller book written by Florence Littauer.

Just like old time when a bunch of psychologists came to our school, doing the test of personality and suggesting what kind of student you are, what will be the ideal job for you, what color do you like, what kind of symbol you chose represent who you are and so on. that was what feel while reading the book. in fact, I kinda like that.

They are people of some weird science of digging people mind and came out with some reasonable facts. Some! The book give me that feel. To begin with, the 203 pages book basically highlights the four kind of main personality type.

credit picture: http://frostier.net

Perfect Melancholy
- Whether at home or work, I am well organized and keep everything in it's proper place.
Peaceful Phlegmatic
- It's difficult for me to express excitement, even about something that's really important to me.
Popular Sanguine
- When shopping at the mall, it's not unusual for me to forget where I parked the car.
Powerful Choleric - I get annoyed when my employees don't follow my instructions to the letter.

All of the above are the examples of each one of the main personality types in dealing with life. they are made of a set of character you might interested to read later on. Furthermore, the book starts with a simple test of personality profile which require you to determine your own strength and weakness of your traits. 

This let the reader to find which part to be read first to know themselves better. Then, read about other types of personality to know what others like. Later when you finish reading the four main personalities, there will be the discussion on a mix of the four personalities. 

Well, some person may have more than one type of personality in them. For example mix of Phlegmatic and Sanguine will make a warm and wonderful friend to be with and so on.

Thus, the writer early conclusion are included in the first chapter with two main point of what will the book cover on; (a) a lesson to examine our strength and weakness to put them on its best condition and (b) to understand people and realize that there are people out there who is not wrong just because they are different from you.

It' an interesting and fun-to-read book. I can say the strength of the book is the way she deliver the story to relate the personality using the people in her life; husband, son, etc. It gives a real perspective of the story to one life. And at some point, I was grinning alone thinking of what I've done when the book resurface the memory.


Knowing ourselves is a great start to know others. As a Muslim, knowing a living creature lead directly to know the Creator, it is. So, when I was reading all this types of temperament, it is said that all 4 types of temperament division are originated by Hippocrates 400 years before Christ was born. Ah ha. 

So to say, the personality is an aspect closely related to akhlak of one person. Knowing the reality of you, knowing the purpose of it, it was answered in many books written by Islamic scholar and most of it on the subject of manner. 

In fact, an ideal and perfect personality was modeled by Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. So, to conclude my writing, I'd think of my religion as perfect platform to begin to self-ma'rifah. The one who knows himself knows his Lord. Anyway, read the book!

*this is a non-professional personal review. thanx for reading.


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