02 April 2011

Paper and its cover. I’m no faking it.


For no reason, I was so much into reading rather than watching movies, playing graphic software and games on this particular semester. Yes. Those three things I’d spent most time in my own space for the past.

i can hardly find suitable time to enjoy a movie. speaking of which, I just watched the most phenomenal local movie HKLBR when the study week is about to start, which is last week. 

You know when it feel like an outcast when people around ya laughing to some funny act imitated from the movie while you don’t have any clue on how such act can be funny. with the waving hand of the retarded villagers plus the very "ceciter ceciter" trademark on IKIM ads. Oh, even the national radio. Anyway I’d missed the bus.

In the evening, it's either I end up playing sports or DOTA or lying on bed with some book
To be honest, I’m not so much of a reader. I take very long time to finish a book. 

Does it normal to take a long time to finish a book or this is how the slow reader do the reading? I think of the second. Maybe I’m slow. Usually, a chapter per day is a must. 

Truthfully it's more than a chapter. When reading a chapter, the joy, the plot, and the character will anyhow drift the reader to the next chapter isn't? 

Procrastinating to finish a book let some joy of reading juice flowing on me. Maybe. Because when the book is done, the story is finished, the fact is concluded, the joy paused. So, I need to find another.

my shelf is full. ada sapa2 nak beli buku 2nd tak? grr...

Lately, I’ve overcome the dizziness of reading on a moving transport. it just naturally got me. when people ask
"Doesn’t your head spin when reading on bus?” I can firmly say "not at all". 

That’s how I kill my traveling time. Of my memory, The Meaning and Experience of Happiness in Islam by Syed Naquib was the first book I finished on the bus. it was a few years back. 

A 5 hours journey from campus to home can be really boring you know, especially when the person who sit next to you keep his/her mouth as close as possible along the journey. About the book, I’d say I dont quite understand it. 

Well. The book is written by a great Muslim scholar, who received award as the first holder of the Abu Hamid al-Ghazali Chair. The terminology is precise, the point is strong, the reference is The Book. 

Until I met a friend who studied him, he says to me to refer to the first chapter.  "A dilemma" was mentioned upon people of this age. Well who are those people referred to? Aren’t they "us"? He asked. I thought for long. It is us. 

We are in the condition of not knowing what we don’t know.  pening kan?
In one seminar, the author was asked “how do I understand your ideology? The book is so hard to read” then he answered "If you don’t understand, please do ask while the author is still alive"

To know human nature is difficult. To discuss it is even more confusing.
So I stop the introduction here.confusing, isn't it?

By the way, click the links below to watch the video. It is what this post really is. Truly, I’m no faking it. Reading in a moving transport has become one of my ability. 

Astro Awani footage: click here.

and Huzaifah.(SerambiMaya) : click here

*saya juga syorkan baca Al-Quran hari-hari. it helps liberating yourself.

next entry: radio. dan channel favourite.


3p4h said...

"Doesn’t your head spin when reading on bus?”
"I agree with u! Not at all."

p/s: We should nurture our ummah the importance of reading! Pity with most of our Malay(Muslim)

hamba sehambanya. said...

entri nie buat sy rasa nak usaha baca eng books byk2. thanks.

ps: jgn lupa join 2011 reading challenge-goodreads. :)

azam baizen said...

damn ak jeles gile dgn ko. ak dlu time kat skola mmg obsessed dgn reading tapi sjk dah ader laptop n kegilaan mendowload movies n etc, nk baca buku tu aku pikir berpuluh2 kali. really rindu nk stat habit baca gile2 cm ko. respek !Oh biasala tu abeskan buku lambat. ak pon cm2 je. hehe

p/s: cm rugi lak tak dpt join baca@LRT tuh. huuuu

Faaizz d. Zul said...


that is sooo right!
bro epah, video edit pki softw apa eh? la ni sy bljar pki adobe after effect. boleh buat effect2 gila mcm supersaiya. hihi.

ps: sy dah baca ranap. best. beli masa bookstock hujung tahun lepas. tp kak fynn tiada semasa kejadian. xdpt sain. (-_-)'

@hamba sehambanya.

tgk awk punya GR buat saya rasa nak kumpul lebih byk buku Islamik. ^^
GR reading challenge? insyaAllah

@azam baizen

relax2 bro. aku dulu kaki download jugak. member aku siap mintak aku tulis tutorial mendownload2 muvi. cuma aku tak sempat nk tulis.
reading sama je macam tgk muvi. ada cerita, ada plot, tapi lagi syok!

3p4h said...

Pergh mantap tu dah discover after effect! Bole menuntut nnt.

So far gn Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 for vid edittng.

p/s: Kita berbeda; Kamu dpt bli Ranap, sy xdpt, Kamu xdpt bsua muka dgn K.Fynn, tp sy sudah bsua muka dgnnya. Hee =)

Faaizz d. Zul said...


itulah, diamanah jd head utk biro mulitmedia prog bktswa. video kenalah gempak2 ye x? tp rasa2nya teruk jgk klu pki lptop biasa2 ni utk A.Effect ,mcm xmeet rquirement.
biasa2 guna Magix, MuveeReveal, xpon Ulead je.

sebut k fynn, mood jadi jiwa2. ahaks.