10 April 2011

punched, kicked, and robbed! a victim tells

salam 'alayk

heavy title yea? i guessed so.

well, We thought he was kidding with his robbery story. Imagine a beautiful campus whom people have lived peacefully for years, I never heard about a robbery with guns, breaking and entering the living room, beat up the students and take what they want. 

this is new. It’s happened some weeks ago. Luckily, none was dead. There were 6 of them and all are black with unsure citizenship-the burglar. As far as the story goes, they’re not local.

The story is repeated and retold by others. Facebook, Vypress chat, in-and-off-field conversation, etc. Almost everyone was into it. Rare scene huh? Just like movies.

After some time, I laughed to myself. What a story. Ridiculous as it is.

But just in the very same week of when the myth is first heard, I can see cops were around here. Day and night. Approaching students randomly. So I started speculating, making wild assumption. Like an inane.

They could be here for motorcycle lost report, or to survey their future profession, the guards. Or at least they are here for showing that there is always cops presence in your community for the sake of justice. Bullshit.

They’re faking it. Not a cop was acting so, at least not yet to be found. That kind of cop is in childhood fairytale or in movies so the kids were inspired to be cop someday. The top three professions back in my childhood were always and only them. Police, doctor and pilot.

Nuff’ of reminiscing past.

So there I was lying in my heavenly bed in a morning of weekend after the prayer. I glanced at my bookshelf, and I saw a fine and untouched Genghis: Born of an Empire by Iggulden next to the Hulagu Khan: Khabar Hitam dari Timur by Abd Latip Talib, then I decided not to go back to sleep.

It’s “Khan Time”. I might kill this morning weekend with this great epic of Khan Dynasty I thought. So I get up and prepare myself a Vono’s mushroom (original flavor) soup. It was seven. And somehow peaceful at steady silence.

Silence as it was, not until the part of my reading where Qutuz King read the letter from Khan,


I heard the sound of the doorknob with its latch pulled. Just like when someone want to open the door. Ops! Okay, there’s no such sound like “klikkd!” when opening the door. I just don’t know how to put it in word.

Say, you yourself try and go pressed the lever-style door handle down and hear the sound. It’s like something clicking, but what in words should we write them!? Tell me how you write down such a sound.

Well, back to the tale. The scene is weird, there’s no sound of footstep approaching before, but I was certain that someone has pulled the latch.

Someone was standing by the door; someone is trying to get inside my room, someone who might want to take what they want from us, someone might want to rob us, someone from the story has come! Maybe he’s not just one, maybe they’re 6 of them! My roommates and I are going to be the robbery victim. Shoot!

I was frightened. A quiet panic fills the room. I came closer to the door. I heard all the ticking and scratching of the generic key pin inside the key hole, trying to unlock it in any seconds.

Oh man! That was MacGyver guys. Unlocking door by using a generic door key. Classic, but professional.

So I stepped back into my compartment, wiped the dripping sweat all over my forehead, and searched for my gun. Yes. I own a gun. I hid them all this while in the drawer beneath my bed. A Glock.

I hide behind my curtain by my compartment’s entrance. I collected myself, I breathed deeply and spoke to myself “Be calm, Yu, be calm. They’re just some bunch of desperate burglar. You can handle this.”

So I waited an eternity for the door to open. Nothing happened. After seconds I flashed again. The vibes of the sound is still there. The door really gives a hard time to be unlocked.

I flashed my wristwatch swiftly toward my sight; it was almost 5 minutes or so. Then, as far as I aware of, the sounds was diminished. The intensity is calmed down. The business ended.


“Is that it?” I asked myself. 


No more ticking sounds, no more suspicious footsteps, no more jittery breathing from outer side of the door!?

I walked toward the door. Then I opened it.


 I saw a small domesticated carnivorous mammal with soft fur, a short snout, and retractile claws was leaning onto it with a heavenly tranquility expression.

My jaw was dropped for exactly 3 seconds.
I was stunned. i was like "there's-no-way-a-cat-capable-to-frighten-a-guy-like-me"

i looked the hallway on my left, and then the right. nobody was here. 
 but in the end. I spilled the words.

“You better be far away now or I might want to throw you off from higher floor you filthy fat cat!”

From far sight, a cleaner was watching the whole scene. Could she be the one who you-know-who

should i post a notice like this :

credit pic : karenah.com

seems good. but in here, should be multilingual.


nas said...

alamak... post in english.. it makes me difficult to undestand that.. hehehhe
kelakar la sign tu :)

EmIRA said...

my...i searched all over the place to comment! haha..cute storyy...=))

Faaizz d. Zul said...

nice idea kan letak notis macam tu. baru ada gerun sket. wahaha.

err, yep the "post comment" position is not at usual.
tp yg part 6 pencuri tu real eh. kecurian mnjadi2 hujung2 sem ni.