12 July 2011

Little Miss Ninny - a fiction.

Salam alayk and greetings!

I am about to tell-a-tale you on a story of little Miss Ninny, a childhood story I heard. Or you can call her Miss scatterbrain. She is the person who gets everything mixed up. She just mixed up everything.

Morning in the kitchen she put salt into her milk to make it sweet.

The milk was salty.

Not-so morning in the room she wiped the study desk shiny and the laptop screen wet and poof!

The screen is binned. It had to.

Evening in the living room she wanted to watch television program, but turned on the radio, and then slept.

The radio listened to her snore.

In the mosque, she run into the glass as if it is the invisible door when she went for prayer's hall from the ablution room.

She collapsed.

Little miss ninny is so ninnyous that she forgets her own foot size when shopping online!

Have you ever heard of anything so scatterbrained like that?

Oops, I just made up the word ninnyous, in fact i have never heard of it.

So, for holiday she planned for some good things. Truthfully she's not very good at organizing holidays.

A year before last she went for playing kite, but ended up with a kite without thread. She can't fly it. Last year, she went hiking without map and compass. This year she was determined that nothing would go wrong. For the sake of perfect holiday, she asked her friends to help her.

Mr. Bers helped to book her accommodation.

Mr. Seyh helped her shop for supply.

Miss Efy helped her pack.

Mr Frew took her to the station.

And Mr. Muscle carried her luggage onto the train.

This time, nothing could go wrong; at least it is what she thought. However, something goes wrong. And that something was Miss Ninny getting off at the wrong station.

Then, she went to the hotel nearby. It was afternoon yet she say   

"good morning, my name is Miss Ninny"

The receptionist looked down his list, but none of the booking matches the name. And of course there wouldn't be. She was in the wrong town so she had to be in the wrong hotel.

"That's odd” she said, as she walked out.  "Never mind, I’ll go to the beach."

The next person she met was asked where the beach was.

"Sorry, there's no beach nearby," came the reply.

For the second time that day “That's odd."  Anyway, she had her holiday.

A week later, she met her friend Mr Bers.
"Hello how's your holiday?"

"I enjoyed it, want to see my photos?" Miss Ninny showed her holiday snaps to Mr Bers.

Not surprisingly, Mr Bers was rather surprised.

"That's odd. Where did you go?" he asked.

"It was a wonderful place"

"I know, I booked it for you. You went to Berseyh"

"No," said Miss Ninny,

"Hmmm lemme think, oh, I know, it was Sessogo!  I should have guessed," smiled Mr Bers.

"By the way, did you get my postcard?"

"No, but I did get your postcard meant for Mr Seyh," chuckled Bers.

"That's odd," said Miss Ninny.

But I don't think there's anything odd about that, do you?! 

“There are things which we feel to be good and true, though in the cold light of reason and calculation many things remain incomprehensible and dark. And though the society in which we live considers such actions thoughtless, or reckless, but I don't

People have spoken their mind.



Yusro Yusoh said...

thou i have a scatterbrain, yet not this bad. ngeee.. a nice fiction. waiting for next!

Faaizz d. Zul said...

this is an altered version of childhood fiction. hehe. normally girls are like that. #justsaying

ada satu hari di HBN2011 dkt masjid besi, sister tu langgar kaca kuat-kuat dpn aku. sakit woo. ;-)

Yusro Yusoh said...

ish3... sakit tuu.. pecah ke kaca? hehe.. pompuan biasenye mang accident prone la kn.. *pointing at ma self. haha..

Faaizz d. Zul said...

sakit tak sakit la kan, siapa tahu. tp tak pecah la. kalau pecah tu, memang tak beragak la dia punya lari.

*jadi kaku, antara mahu ketawa atau mahu kasihan XD

Tolo said...

Absolutely perfect. I randomly googled Miss Ninny. and WoW your wonderful story popped up. Thank you so much, tolo in Panama