25 October 2011

the Keirsey test

salam alay'k & greetings!

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recently I took the 60 questions test originally developed by Keirsey and I got to know my result right away. it says

ENFP (extraversion, intuition, feeling, perception)

E – Extraversion is preferred to introversion.
N – Intuition is preferred to sense. 
F – Feeling is preferred to thinking.
      P – Perception is preferred to judgment.

briefly said
Do very well in executive roles even though their characteristics of effervescence, enthusiasm, and spontaneity are not typical of top corporate managers. They can be very skilled at flying by the seat of their pants. Can do many things at the same time but might neglect to plan and be prepared. More females fit this type than males, but males ten to be promoted. Have great ability to empower others. Inspiration rather than control is key to their management style.

then in a leadership camp, When a psychologist asks me to draw a cow, I drew it with its head heading west.

He read me as traditional, schematic but with firm principles.

He read me as a person who would be very likely to draw my own village with the sun rises between two mountains.

He read me as people who usually stick to what they know rather than being overly enthusiastic about trying new things.

He read me as people who appear disorganized, but tend to be spontaneous and have a good sense of fun.

He read me as who are often perceived as gregarious, expressive and energetic.

He read me as someone who enjoys socializing and is quick to form new friendships.

He read me as People who are likely to show concern for the feelings of others and will be inclined to help those in needs.

who's really me?
who're you?

Man 'arafa nafsahu faqad 'arafa Rabbahu - Whosoever knows himself knows his Lord


miss adell said...

if everybody can read people just like the psychologist did, the earth would be a creepy place to live in..just wondering though does any of the things that the physiologist said fit your personality? just wondering.. :D

Faaizz d. Zul said...


i must say most of them are true. during the consltation, psychologists/counsellors will surely give you a lot of "oh-moment" and some sciences on how you're acting like this and that.

there's bn a study on this which enable them to go wandering inside your head and discover who u really are.

instead of its creepiness, i do think we need this kind of people since there're lots of internal conflict-identity issues on some other people.

and sometimes, we need them. we just do.