02 May 2013

encapsulation #2

I always wanted to snap a picture like this. A place blissful enough which had me a lot of beautiful memories.

A place where I found interest in Jumuah with bukan-tipikal kind of text.

A place where I can comfortably take a nap on the days and sleep at nights.

A place where I can jump anonymously into any halaqah with warm welcome by  strangers.

A place where I met adorable kids laying down, looking upward then bergolek around guided by the circle path of the kubah.

A place where I had my tilawah class and skipped some lines when the ustaz fell asleep.

A place where I can hardly find a space to sleep for qiam in the last ten nights of Ramadhan (too many people, and kids!)

A place where Quran recitation never stops through the day.

A place I lost my slippers, twice.

A place I stopped by, and realized that a part of me feels like home being here.

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Umairah. said...

subhanallah, menarik. shortfilm nie, bila agaknya boleh tengok yang full?

faaizz d. zul said...


mungkin selepas September, mungkin-lah.

sebab haritu submit short film ni untuk iysfc, so ia jadi property organizer, period.

*part teaser haruslah menarik. ehem.

Umairah. said...

kebetulan terbaca ni tadi:

"The 5 shortlisted short films for IYSFC13 (in no particular order) are Detik (UKM),Superhero (UTEM),Mimpi Iman(ASWARA), 321 (IIUM), Silent Pain (SMK Cherang Ruku,Kelantan.."