01 November 2014

Have you passed through this night?

So you live in the city. How long has it been? 

Almost like, 15 years.

Oh, wow. That's awful... but amazing. 


O I mean, your persistence. That doesn't come easy. By the way, did you drive around or ...?

No, I am relying completely on the subway system... the trains, the busses...

*Hat off*
What's your alternative if something goes wrong? The rail breakdown, or the train delayed...

I'll cry. lol
For good. But life doesn't work that way. Sometimes I just walk home. But it depends on the occurrence, you got to be unlucky once in a while.

Is walking convenience? 

Oh dear. It takes me two hours to reach home. lol... It's very exhausting, but I need it anyhow. In some way walking has become my remedy of soul. Very relaxing and stress-free, of course with a cup of coffee in my hand. 

You got to see others, maybe you see someone who are just like you. Or you meet someone struggling for food, someone driving big car with attitude, someone left out in the cold without shelter, someone who lost in transition... A random bunch of people in different shoes, different ships. Searching for direction, or maybe destination... Some takes a mainstream road, some may slipped through the dark, some create shortcut. Well you never know aren't you?

There are plenty of things out there to teach you about what life is all about.


Selamat malam, pakcik. 

- lorong kecil kota

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